1 Gram Distilled vape TIP Hydro

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Product Description

Tired of small cartridges? .5g Goes up in smoke?

We got the thing for you! 1Gram of 96% pure THC


Fits a standard 510 fitting.

Very clear liquid, derived from full bud production methods.

Very smooth and gives a bit of a buzz while helping your body. Win-win.

This coil and tank are built to last longer! Assuming you don't burn the coil by running it for 10 second pulls, this vape tip is great if you want the pen to last longer.

Note: this pic is of a CBD vape tip, the THC will be more golden in colour :)



GC 2019-04-14 11:09:11

Great buzz !!! Good taste. Highly recommend

TP 2018-12-28 08:54:27

Great product! Helped me out during Xmas when parents were visiting for 5 days. Will definitely reorder and absolutely recommend. Enjoy!

Brandon 2018-12-17 01:19:51

Very happy with this. Super Thick oil that prevents the tank from draining too quickly. Thinking Im going to get a week of solid use out of it but it will definately last most people longer than that. Larger pulls without having to nuke your coil. This is one of the better ones out there right now imo. Used my Vice and Flyte batteries with this tank and both worked perfectly with it. Just ordered 3 more. 🥳 Not a huge deal but it should be mentioned that because the oil is so thick, you may have to give it a solid puff without turning your battery on in order to prime it. It seemed to get slightly clogged for the first toke after sitting for a bit. Keep these coming in please Cheebas! Different strains would be cool too if they are available.