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Any Questions? We may have the tutorial for you.

We will update this as the site progresses. You can view all of them in under 5 minutes




Ordering your first product


Welcome, let's go over the basics of ordering!

Think of what you would like!

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There are many products and sub categories. Be sure to view them all! Most of our categories are at the top right when you start. Click search at the top left to go to our search page.


When you found something you like choose the quanity and add to cart!
Click the orange cart button in the menu to checkout. Follow the checkout instructions when you picked all your items.


Congratulations, once finished the checkout process you are almost there. BUT, there are more steps to complete it. Go to the E-interac step.

Paying with E-Interac

We apologize if E-interac is not your first choice, this space is complicated. We are working hard to give more alternatives for our patients to choose.


If you would like to read their version here is the Interac Home Page

Click next to keep reading our short version.

Different Banks

1.Login to your online banking service
2.Click on Interac e-transfer, usually under pay bills or transfer funds
3.Enter our email: in recipient.
4.Enter the total amount of your order.
5.Set the security question as: The capital of Canada is? and set the security password as: Ottawa
6.Type your Order Number into the notes.
7.Submit e-transfer
8.We will notify you via email as soon as we receive your payment.


Please note, some of our banking systems use an automated deposit function and may not send you a email. This is normal and you will recieve a notification as to your order status as usual.

Spam Emails

We work hard to make sure all emails are delivered. But sometimes the email provider is at fault. Recent trends in email has made it a little harder for new emails to make it to your inbox.

Did not get a email?

If you believe that you were suppose to get a email from us but did not, it may be your email provider filtering our messages.

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Check your spams.

Almost all cases are solved by our clients checking their spam/updates/promotions folder.




If your email is not listed type "[your email] move spam to inbox" in Google.

Move It!

Once you make us a contact or trusted sender, the emails should be going to your main inbox.