1g PreRoll Doobie  Rockstar 24% THC

1g PreRoll Doobie Rockstar 24% THC


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Product Description

We all sampled these when we saw Bill Burr in Vancouver a couple months ago. The Rockstar was the joint I pulled out when a buddy said he can't find any weed that gets him stoned anymore. He was floating after 3 hoots...

This perfectly rolled 1g cannon is packed with primo bud...not like shake or anything cheap you might think. Our Cheeba Cones are rolled with bud too, but these mechanically packed joints are the most professional

AAAA quality buds were used to make these bats...you'd expect nothing less for the price anyways...

The tube works great for keeping joints smell proof on-the-go

it's the perfect joint to buy if you don't smoke often, but when you do, you want something good. The Dos Equis guy would buy them.





Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 04:55:19

5*+ AAAA Perfect roll! Super stoned Mumble words Hungry but even the Forkin (its ok I said Forkin) Crave seams 2 hard 2 micro. Best RS ever worth the xtra still like 10 4 $100 if possipal? Effects Happy Relaxed Heady Body 10 last 2.5 hrs! Smoked 10 Taste tongue tingles in flavors of maple Applewood smoked turkey bacon Reorder Recommend Gem of joint element filter

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