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Product Description

Buy good weed at a great price here! This is your spot for getting a potent strain at a good deal. Most new strains are Hybrids, it's the genetic splicing growers do to produce more potent buds. By blending 2 different strains, from different lineages, they produce a new strain refered to as a 'hybrid'- a cross between indica and sativa.

These ounces will be a 50/50 mix of the two, or slightly leaning one way or another. If there's a sativa dominant hybrid, you can find it in the    1 oz sativa deal.

The menu is constantly updating, so check it out for new strains!



Charles Shrier 2021-03-20 12:17:29

I approve!!! tasty and get the job done

Rox Turner 2021-03-16 05:39:11

Love this fruity smooth smoke. Lots of energy. Great deal !