CBD Edibles

Hey guys! Lets explore the new trend everyone loves - CBD edibles!

CBD has become extremely popular over the last few years and today you can find it in many different forms. They are an ingestible form of cannabis that requires no combustion( fire) to activate its chemical compounds. Many people prefer edbles because there is no smoke to inhale.

So why have they become such a fav among CBD edible enthusiasts?

They are fun, super tasty, discrete and they offer a wide range of benefits without the high.

CBD edibles are available in many great tasting flavours and come in fun colours and shapes such as snakes, bites, cookies, chocolate bars and gummy bears. Just try not to eat the whole package as you would with real gummy bears.

Here are many other reasons why you should stop what you are doing and treat yourself to natural CBD godness today!

The industry has rebranded CBD's image from a niche medical marijuana product to a health and wellness supplement for the average consumer. So why not take a look throught our products and pics something to nibble on.




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Forbidden Fruit - CBD - Nano Hard Candies - 100mg per Package
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CBD Edibles

Forbidden Fruit - CBD - Nano Hard Candies - 100mg per Package



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