CBD Tinctures

Individuals trying cannabis – based treatments for the first time often use CBD tinctures as their first choice. Here is what a CBD tincture is.


CBD tinctures are created by steeping CBD- rich hemp flowers in a high–proof grain alcohol then cooking over low heat for multiple hours. Vinegar or Glycerin can be used in lieu of alcohol, but alcohol really does produce the best tincture in the end. They are very convenient and have a long shelf life. Once the liquid is ready it is mixed with a sweet tasting carrier oil like peppermint or orange to add a bit of flavour. The final product then should be very potent, with a very high CBD content. 


Don’t look for CBD tinctures if you are looking to get high! 


How do I take CBD tincture?


CBD tincture generally come in an old school apothecary- style bottle with a dropper that allows users to measure their portions. People often add them to their food, mix them in their coffee and tea or apply them under the tongue. Make sure you hold it under your tongue for at least a minute to allow it to absorb before swallowing the rest.

Tinctures and CBD, iN general, can be used to supplement a healty lifestyle, as well as support the management of many medical conditions.


What can I expect using CBD tinctures?

Reduce anxiety

Manage stress 

Promote good night sleep 

Increase focus

Decompress after a long day and feel uplfted without getting high

Eases mestrual cramps and migranes


Cheebas aim to provide reliable informationon dosage, effects and usage so please drop us a line if you need help experimenting with this beautiful elixir.



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