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Concord & Cream

Concord & Cream


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Product Description

Concord & Cream aka CnC could easily go in the indica section due to high potent classic indica effects. This one comes in a (70% | 30% ) split so in the hybrid category it goes. The lineage says this is the offspring of crossing Cookies and Cream X Grape Bubba and we love it. While not a rare strain it is incredibly popular and flys off the shelf.

The pictures say a lot. This is beautiful to look at, the mix of light seafoam green with waves of milky white trichomes that cover the entire bud with deep pockets of orange is always a show stopper. The aroma is a lightly dank, earthy with sweet fruity notes. The high is just as pleasant as the flavor and appearance. It's an enjoyable body high that is not couch locking, long-lasting and social. Seems like a home run. Enjoy.