Diamond Concentrates - Snoops Dream - Hybrid - Shatter


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Product Description

Diamond Concentrates Snoop's Dream Hybrid at Cheebas. 1 Gram



5050 2020-06-03 08:11:53

Very good buzz all over and for the mind.

Micheal Greene 2020-05-19 05:46:06

High folks. I have no idea how this stuff smokes, I have never smoked shatter. My intent was to purchase shatter to see how good i can make edibles with it. I like to make potent edibles from concentrates for my health issues. I chose this strain because it’s Blue Dream and Master Kush. Sounds like a great mix. I decarbed 6 grams of this shatter in the oven. Worked great. Made my edibles. The high was a lot more heady than I expected but they are amazing! I will be using more shatter in the future to make edibles. Cheebas has an amazing selection to choose from. Thanks Cheebas! Be careful when making your own edibles folks. Cheers!✌️