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Fruit Loops


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Product Description

Fruit Loops is hybrid cross made up of white widow, grapefuit and blueberry that leaning on the indica side. We gave this one to the guy on the couch for testing and his feedback was eating the rest of the oreos (which were not his to eat) and playing video games on high volume until we told him to shut it. He said he can and will smoke it again but be careful of the munchies. The buzz is very relaxing, you might just melt into the couch.



Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 08:54:48

Billy the Kid got it right Nice 3 way x of my fav strains 21.3% THC Taste, smell looks 10 Effects 9.4 Love it happy & relaxed!!! reorder & recommend If u like Fruity pebbles Change your Bowl of cereal

Billy 2019-08-20 12:02:01

Fruit Loops makes my top 10. It does really smell and taste fruity and delicious. It’s one of the few strains where I can feel medicated and functional. It’s perfectly balanced I feel, relaxed, happy and yet it calms my chronic pain And has me in a comfortable state where I’m awake and can get things done or hit the Netflix and chill watching a movie . I love this strain so much. Normally I need a big,heavy· indica to knock me out and handle the pain. Fruit Loops makes me loopy enuf that all pains and worries disappear. Just a beautiful flower you will not regret trying.

Donk Frog 2019-09-18 01:03:08

Did not really did not taste the fruit or fruit loops taste, was something more akin to blue dream in taste, very smooth though.... buzz is good for daytime getting shit made me want to play star craft 2 I was expecting much more or flavor and potency with the reviews I read prior to ordering this one. Its not bad just not what I was expecting. Appearance was nice with a hint of purple in there. Appearance/Bag Appeal- 7 Taste- 6 Potency- 7 Good choice for light smokers or need to get shit done but still want to toke. Most likely will not re order this but this is a personnel taste choice not a matter of quality.