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Hawaiian Amnesia Rosin Hash

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Hawaiian Amnesia Rosin Hash is a unique crumbly hash. Not as much as a sift as it is sticky and somehow easy to crumble. Made by pressing high-grade kief with rosin plates makes this hash product. Perfect to crumble into a joint or enjoy on its own. Probably not the best for BTs but it great in a joint/pipe/.

The will smoke true to its strain. This Sativa dominant strain will produce a strong cerebral high and psychedelic rush due to high THC levels.

Clear your schedule, this stuff will make for an intense happy high.



skrall 2021-06-07 10:30:49

Love this stuff!!! First time trying pressed Kief hash.... Definitely grabs you by the boo boo!!! Recommended for Sativa fans!!! Vapes nice too!

Fishy 2021-05-17 04:47:26

Awesome flavour.

Spark 2021-05-14 02:18:31

Felt it, Very Nice for the price