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Product Description

Herban Legends is new to Cheebas and we welcome their unique collector can collection that delivers the best Quad Quality Flower with open arms.

Citrique in the 7gr tin is a Sativa dominant hybrid and is well known for being a great daytime smoke. Citrique has solid THC levels in the 20-22% range and the sealed tin guarantees freshness. Citrique is bursting with flavors of lemon and sour terpene lime with an earthy undertone. The bud is perfectly cured, spongy, sticky and so fresh smelling the room will light up as soon as you open the can.

Looking for a pick-me-up that is uplifting and refreshing but still relaxed and chill? If so this is for you.

The buzz comes on quickly and can be felt right behind the eyes... Sort of feels like wearing a toque with the warm feeling I get in the head after smoking. The aroma is equally fresh, sweet, and earthy. Great for treating stress and fatigue.



Joe Namath 2021-06-14 09:31:37

The citrus strains are always delicious! I love smoking during the day and I lok for anything citrus related...this one is a beauty!