House of Glass - Blueberry Space Cake


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Product Description

House of Glass Blueberry Space Cake Shatter. This is an indica dominant hybrid strain offering heavier than average kush forward effects.

Feelings of relaxation, happiness in a fruity flowery taste.

Perfect for relaxing before bed.



Bianca 2021-02-07 12:02:01

OMG, cannot say anything bad about this. Left me on couch lock for a good long while.

Micheal Greene 2020-12-18 04:33:47

High folks. Was excited to try this due to the description. I love blueberry cannabis! Honestly it has very little smell. Looks nice and texture is great. It’s very smooth and has a sweet earthy flavour. Not like blueberry but sweet. But the reason I gave it 5 stars is cause it hits like a well thrown shoe by my momma! Smack! Takes about a minute and then kapow! Great heavy buzz! Couch lock for sure and bed time shortly after. Love it! I recommend this for indica fans! Cheers✌️