Import Hash 1oz Deal
Import Hash 1oz Deal

Import Hash 1oz Deal


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Product Description

Here's a great opportunity to buy imported hash by the ounce for the cheapest price we offer! $12.50/gram for the genuine imported hash is a steal...act fast before they go! True import aroma and taste, easy to work with, and gives off the classic hash high.

Our current line-up:

Afghani ProV1 - a supersoft dark brown hash with a smooth aroma and taste. great for rolling balls, bottle tokes, and pipes!

Afghani Tiger - slightly firmer hash, but still plenty smooth. A solid body buzz hits with the Tiger...a mellow after-work smoke for sure!



Toke Street 2020-11-11 01:08:11

The write-ups for both are apt descriptions in comparing their similarities and differences. Let me add that as incredibly “fresh” hashes, they can stand to mature and be carefully cured a little more to bring out the full organic conversions (think drinking Beaujolais Nouveau vs a more mature example of the same vintage). These hashes’s are “long” in effect as opposed to explosive and prepped according to their pedigree, can “run their course for hours” until they reach max effects. I like these offerings as they are true and will only improve with time. Thank you Cheebas.

DeanW 2020-10-30 05:08:51

This looks great, smells great, and tastes awesome.....wish it just had a little more punch

Trevor Barristo 2020-11-09 11:21:47

Not what i expected and for the price I paid i will not buy again. Only giving it a3 star because didnt like product but delivery was bang on actually a day early.