Lilac Cookies
Lilac Cookies

Lilac Cookies


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Product Description

Lilac Cookies is a strain we have not had here at Cheebas, while not rare it is limited so enjoy while you can.

This is a rare evenly balanced hybrid created by crossing lilac Deisel and Cookies Strain. Brought to us by a small craft BC grower the gorgeous appearance of the bud along with the intense aroma of citrus, flowers with notes of lemon and fuel you know the smoke will be a treat.

It produces powerful effects and is noted to have content of approx 30% THC levels. Effects come on slowly with euphoric and cerebral first then moving to a state of total relaxation.



Deftool 2020-11-05 09:37:37

High is strong but clear. Diesel taste. Great quality. Definitely convinced me to come back Cheebas.

Supernatural777 2020-09-23 08:45:42

Unique hybrid x creative content relaxed high 9.4 all boxes recommend