Purple God
Purple God

Purple God


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Product Description

Purple God at Cheebas

The boss has been shopping and you're the winners. He crushed this trip and there is something for everyone.

Purple God is a rare (actually rare) indica dominant strain created by crossing God X hawaiian X Purple Skunk and is a blessing from above. High THC content and long lasting body effects are suitable for medical patients. This is a strong  euphoric boost that will cause loss of focus leading to a relaxed couch lock.

A deep peaceful sleep is on the way.





trees 2020-11-26 02:22:31

Top shelf, looks just like the pic. Crazy euphoria, supreme happiness and long lasting couch-lock. Hits you from every direction and you can't stop smiling or move. Almost can feel all the individual strains going into this one. Get that energetic bliss from the Hawaiian right away, with a huge euphoric blast from God. A heavy couch locking effect starts to build, but the overwhelming euphoria doesn't disperse like with most strains. Really special genetics here executed with perfection. Hope this comes back!

Dillon 2020-11-20 04:50:58

Man this stuff is crazy. Great nugs with great color, smoked probably a .3 doob and was floored. Locked to the couch all night exactly what I was looking for

Supernatural777 2020-10-26 11:28:02

3 of my favorites represented! The bud in pic spot on! High quality effects long lasting recommend! Cheebas 10 for the new amazing various packaging the artwork is tops! I miss your lighters but going to order scary 20% off! Wooo!

BillyDaGeezer 2020-11-20 11:00:10

Did not like it Over priced Over hyped Had my expectations set high for this one and it ended up being a huge crash and rather crappy burn Yes it has a grape tasting flavour profile the bag smell is amazing but once you light her up things get nasty. I experienced a harsh smoke that was rough both on the inhale and exhale. In fairness it does smooth out a bit after passing through the lungs but not by a whole lot I wanted to like this strain. I tried hard to like it and wish I had better comments for her but she didn’t really deliver a nice high either. Took the edge off my pain, made me somewhat drowsy and I felt lightly buzzed but that was kinda it. I will try this strain again sometime, we all deserve a second chance. I may have missed the mark on this one she has me so confused. I have 6 grams left so basically 3-4 joints Maybe I’ll change my mind. 3 out of 5 that’s my score.