Purple Pugz Breath

Another variation of the hard-hitting Pug’s Breath strain, Purple Pug’s Breath was created by crossing Pug’s Breath with Mendo Montage F3.  The green flowers are spotted with purple, expertly trimed and are accompanied by pale orange/yellow pistils with a good layer of shimmering trichomes. 

When you break up the buds the aroma is unique, an earthiness, vanilla, with hints of mint and subtle licorice.  This smell combination is quite pleasant and translates nicely to a tasty combination of flavors.  The high from Purple Pug’s Breath is a hard-hitting mental blast that is felt in the face and eyes. 

An immediate body buzz follows that may cause a feeling of "concrete limbs" and couch lock if too much is smoked.


Purple Pugz Breath
Purple Pugz Breath

Purple Pugz Breath


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Toot 2021-02-28 02:04:53

Good stuff

Squiddo 2020-11-25 09:56:49

Sticky, dense, purple, danky OGK smell. Sweet and harsh. Good potency.

Supernatural777 2020-10-26 11:27:23

My gf bosses dog's name 10 I will expand on the product description. Guessing after a few hours after smoking a gram that it's purple nurple x chemdawg and snores breath 27.77% THC 70/30 Ind Dom buzz Quad heavy duty recommend tastes like Pez