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Purple Punch Cheebas Select by Tegridy Farms

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Purple Punch Cheebas Select by Tegridy Farms

Cheebas is the King of Hash and our partnership with Tegridy Farms is strong. We both want to deliver the best hash to our customers. Selection, Price, Quality, and variation in strains have made the product explode in popularity.

We now have an entire line of Cheebas Select Hash being made for us by Tegridy Farms. Purple Punch is a potent cross of Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple and will please the most discriminant indica fan. A fruity nutty flavor with herbal terpenes delivering full-body relaxation. Potent, this will put down an elephant.

Crafted by the experts at Tegridy Farms into a sticky, soft, aromatic spicy curred hash that will smoke true to the strain.

Enjoy today.



Patrick lefort 2021-07-15 09:25:44

Just as described a wonderful high and excellent texture and aroma! 10 out of 10. A 20 a g hash for 14 . So grab urself a little tegridy this summer.

Edzzzz 2021-07-06 08:39:09

Had your Tegridy ball and enjoyed. Also picked up PeanutRockstar found it very impressive. So I had to pickup a zip of PRS and Purple Punch. I thought because I loved this so much maybe the PRS was the better of the 2. Not so much I liked both of these separately better than the ball mix. The Purple Punch is just as good perfect for every day night time or maximum relaxation time. Smooth breaks up nice. Factor in the $ and it’s a no brainer. Cheebas has been soooo good from order to delivery to the crazy Canada day bonus sale I didn’t expect. It’s a Nadia Comaneci a perfect 10

AnonNB 2021-06-19 03:23:46

Nice hash, nice price. I hope this stays on the menu. I found it a good evening hash but it didn't make me completely useless as a human so I could see it being an anytime hash. YMMV