Purple Voodoo


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Product Description

Purple Voodo is a real smooth ride! this 50/50 hybrid smells more indica, but it's lineage is from both worlds.

With a high CBD percentage to couple the high THC, purple voodoo gives a mellow body buzz alongside a goofy head rush...a nice and relaxing combo! It won't zonk you out, so light one up after work!

Cheebas brings you a host of new strains from high-quality BC growers that know their business and what cannabis lovers look for. Mix this with a boss who knows everyone worth knowing. In the end, you are the winners.



Micheal Greene 2020-07-30 09:20:51

High folks. Really enjoyed Purple Voodoo. The bud is very Purple in colour. Nice to see this. Light and dark purple colours with a light green mixed in. Very nice to look at. The smell and taste are similar. Fragrance and flavour or berries and red wine, with grapes and sugar. It’s a beautiful smell and taste. Very smooth. The high is warm and welcoming. It’s vibrating and calm at the same time. So very relaxing and it lets you smile and forget the bullshit from your day. Won’t put you out but gets bed ready for you. Amazing smoke! I really enjoyed the high CBD. Would recommend and buy again. Treat your body and mind. Cheers! ✌️

DeanW 2020-07-25 01:47:20

Oh ya just as described! WTG

Supernatural1971 2020-07-24 03:00:27

Double Doja x purp urkle Resembles pic! 10 Taste 9.4 Effects 8.8 Bongs 7,77 Great pick me up! very mind & relaxing Fun & Euphoric Great grow Great Hybrid! recommend if u like GDP, PK, P. skunk & Mendo puros avec sweet T = purple Bon bon (candy) CBD last long