Small Cannarillo - Mexican Sugar Cookies

Small Cannarillo - Mexican Sugar Cookies


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Product Description

This is the little brother of the Large Cannagar but don't be fooled this guy still packs a punch! Introducing the Cannarillo, possibly the coolest cannabis creation we have seen in a while. The product is made from 100% cannabis... no tobacco or filler. This one burns for about 40 minutes on average depending on how many people are sharing and how fast you pull on it. Each cannagar is hand rolled in cannabis leaves using premium cannabis flower, rosin and dry sift. Each Cannarillo comes with a wooden tip for an enhanced smoking experience. These guys are pricey and not for everyone but if you are in the mood to impress (and be impressed) this is for you.

Strain: Mexican Sugar Cookies

Item is 1 cannarillo in glass tube sealed with wax, remove string and paper prior to smoking

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