Imported Hash

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    $392.00 ($14.00/Gram)

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Product Description

Takbir Hash is new to Cheebas lineup and offers a great price point for an import hash.

Made by hand, rich in flavor with a light spiciness. This is a full Indica hash that has been worked into a medium brown. The hash in the containers looks darker than the picture which is common once the bricks are broken up and exposed to the air.

For an all indica hash the high is not overwhelming with its Indica effects. Deeply relaxing and easy to smoke this is a body high with a mind at ease. We were able to get things done and no crash. While not a couch-lock there is little motivation other than to let the afternoon slide by.



Clinton 2021-06-09 10:35:03

Nice Hash. good and fluffy.

hashman 2021-05-12 04:49:58

Veru happy with my purchase ....its a fair price for a good product;) taste are good not too strong perfect for the joint Cheebas you get great hash

Kari 2021-05-10 12:43:21

Nice taste, another very good import. It has good potency, effects that last a while.

Randy D 2021-09-24 12:41:55

Old school hash here This is so far my variate hash breaks up nice for joints and has a strong kick to it like today's stronger weed. Excellent hash ****

Rizzlababa 2021-07-27 12:58:22

Nice relaxing high, no couch lock depending on how much you decide to smoke

LoveHash 2021-04-26 05:24:24

Great aroma. Stronger than I thought it would be. Burns very well. Generous piece provided by Cheebas. Very happy with this purchase. Merci Cheebas!

coverttech 2021-09-23 11:58:51

not as good as i thought it would be

Daidan2475 2021-05-16 08:40:49

"Rough" sur la gorge, beaucoup de toux. Effet intense. Hard on the throat, a lot of coughing. Intense effect.