Takhar Sunshine Hash

Imported Hash

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Product Description

With hints of tobacco and spice, this old school import is bound to impress the "old hash guys" (and gals) out there.

Shiny dark brown exterior with a medium brown interior (maybe a hint of red also) makes this import a smooth hash with relaxing buzz that tends to be a little sleepy if you over consume. 



Ben 2021-03-30 04:24:33

J'aime bien, doux et très bonne saveur!

Daidan2475 2021-01-09 03:04:54

Encore un excellent produit importé. Odeur assez prononcée de pinène. Couleur foncée. Texture compacte facilement manipulable et remodelable. Bon goût. Bon effet cérébral. Doux pour la gorge et les poumons. Another excellent imported product. Rather pronounced smell of pinene. Dark. Compact texture easily manipulated and remodelable. Good taste. Good cerebral effect. Soft on the throat and lungs.

Supernaturally 777 2020-12-30 10:19:10

Resembles pic 100% Great job Cheebas this my favorite import of Sativa dominant hybrid feel! S.A.D.suffers This is the golden ticket game changer Many quality tricks to this hash I love it's layers shiny you want to eat it 10 all boxes Vitamin D Dope great essential starter! Protest that order or comply? Ty love this past import order Spoil us Appreciate it! 2021 request you stay here and more Beverages drinkables Ty!

Gerry 2020-12-28 12:35:36

Another great import that rates very high with me. Soft and easily worked. Smells and tastes great with a nice body buzz that lasts quite a while. Thumbs up guys!

Shawn 2020-12-08 11:27:33

Very nice hash the taste was similar to red Lebanese nice old school taste the high is a nice day time high 8 outa 10

TropiCannibis Todd 2020-11-26 10:56:34

TAKHAR is a very solid hash , it's med soft shiny , smells great and tastes great , a solid 9 from me and I really like it, it must have a strong Indica background as I did find it to be a great seditve high a really great nite time strain .... Just ordered it for a second time based on the sensitive aspect of it ... It's solid.... Nice find Cheebas

hashman 2020-11-30 04:16:51

It was a test for me not bad but not reorder.simply because tasted too much like apghan ..not my side..not my palate style! ....try camel,its regurlaly good batch or chocolate plato both are better than this importy (taste effect price) its my opinion but the description toll true ....old school ...by the way CHEEBAs,,,,,try to go to the island bright some jamaican red gum

Wicked 2021-02-24 05:37:06

Great flavour, aroma and smooth smoke, really enjoyable! High was a little weak, a bit of a creeper.

Eds 2020-12-19 09:24:55

Nice taste and puff nice high 3/5