wedding Crasher
wedding Crasher

wedding Crasher


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Product Description

Wedding Crashers at Cheebas

You motorboating son of a bitch (hope you watched the movie) this new batch rocks!

Delicious sticky, dense, sweet, and dank. This is a cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. Enjoy this mellow earthy strain with grape notes and gassy highlights anytime sleep is not a must.

Check the pix you'll want to smoke the screen. Yup is more and it's worth it. But be ready for a loooong lasting high that is energizing and you know it, gets you moving to the dance floor where the fun is or motivated to move choirs to the TO DONE list.

Creative and mental clarity great for socializing.




NC 2020-07-05 09:39:47

Pics are dead on. Buds are dense and fragrant. Sweet, vanilla and floral notes in the vape. Warning though, this one’s a monster that really leans into its Sativa side. It will get your brain spinning. Avoid if looking to relieve anxiety. I loved it, but it won’t be for everyone.