Animal Cookies  New Batch

Animal Cookies New Batch


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Animal Cookies for Sale Online at Cheeba's!



Animal Cookies is the product of breeding between legendary cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG.

This strain is hard to grow and tough to come by (sorry if it’s out of stock as you read this), when it’s available, we buy what we can. Animal Cookies is a potent and well-balanced hybrid,

Animal Cookies is a great strain, but I wouldn’t call it better than either of their parents- but it can hold its own. Think about Michael Jordan, if kids are better than their parents all the time, wouldn’t they be NBA all-stars???

That being said, buy Animal Cookies! If you like a strong hybrid that offers a body high and a head fuck, Animal Cookies is worth a shot! Wifi and GSC are great, so is Animal Cookies!

This batch brings a deep introspective's like fireworks in your mind. Be sure you're ready to get high before you hit it. There is a heavy Kush presence with this strain's legacy. Animal Cookies has a classic Kush aroma with hints of grapefruit.

Novice users may find this strain has a pretty hard couch locking effect but those with high tolerance may be able to remain relatively engaged after consumption.

This batch of Animal Cookies for sale is full of big, dense buds. Buy a quarter and see for yourself! It's been one of our most popular sellers; clients report feelings that uplifting euphoria- although couch-lock has been known to happen.

People have mentioned that this batch does not look like Animal Cookies they have seen online. Our reply to this is simple, independent growers all grow their own (obviously) which may vary slightly from generation to generation. If you multiply the same effect to include all the parent plants before it, the result will be different looking/tasting flowers across suppliers.

Rest assured, this stuff was tested. By us. Thoroughly.

Buy Animal Cookies if you want relief from pain and insomnia. the full-body effects of this strain make it an excellent choice!

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