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Bruce Banner


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Buy a Power-Packed, Creative Chill at Cheeba's

Are you a monster? Then Smoke some of this and chill out


There may have been 50 different The Hulk movies in the past decade, but growers in BC only needed 1 take to nail Bruce banner. This harvest is like the Ed Norton version- the best one! (doesn't that guy deserve an Oscar???)


OG Kush x Strawberry Disel are the parents of this hybrid. As with top shelf hybrid strains, you can really feel both parents at work. the high comes on quick and is a mentally soaring rush. The full-body mellow screams Indica and is the perfect thing to smoke for sore muscles and joints.







Lee 2018-12-21 01:51:35

This is some beautiful bud, sweet, earthy, and a little petrol notes come through on the nose. I like the effect as it's uplifting, happy, euphoric and relaxed. The sativa shines through on this strain, but still get some of the Indica profile without the couch-lock

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