Gods Green Gift  Sativa Hybrid
Gods Green Gift  Sativa Hybrid

Gods Green Gift Sativa Hybrid


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Product Description

A Rare Sativa Strain is on Sale at Cheeba's!

God's Green Gift is a super frosty sativa dominant phenotype of Green Crack has been selectively crossed with God Bud and then stabilized with Deep Purple's Green Crack- you can really see the purple in the buds, looks great!.

Users report God's Green Gift quickly brings on almost overwhelming feeling of euphoria and relaxation while still being a functional daytime medicine.

It was reported to have exceptional pain relief qualities while still maintaining the clear headed effects.


When used at night, God's Green Gift makes a smooth transition from the euphoric medicated state to a sleepy, anxiety and pain free body focused affect.

This strain is a perfect balance of its parents. The pounding indica makes for a very happy cerebral high, while the sativa prevents the couch-lock from setting in. There's lots of crystals all over the bud, so we didn't mind. To make up for that, we weighted heavy on grams and quarters. Trust me, it's all a great smoke. Enjoy!