Ma Bakers Kief Cookies Peanut Butter

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she doesn't care about your peanut allergies- Ma Baker's the meanest cat from old Chicago town and she does what she wants!...oh yeah, a Boney M reference!

Approx. 37g Cookie with a whooping 200mg of Kief per cookie!

Oh damn! Kief as the plant source for marijuana edibles! That's one of those face-palm, 'why didn't I think of that?' things. These cookies are so damn tasty, It's hard to find a peanut butter cookie anywhere these days...

Everyone has loved these helped that we got a free tray ;) The high was awesome- it came on in about 40mins and lasted about 4 hours. It was giggle and strong, but not 'green-monster' sort of experience. Know your tolerance before consuming Ma Baker's Kief Cookies- they are potent and not for novice patients.